ARPU helps Recharge merchants do MORE with shipping soon emails

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2-Click Upsells

Increase AOV by providing a frictionless upsell experience.

Subscribers can add additional 1-time items to their upcoming shipment without logging in. That means less chance of getting distracted before completing the transaction.

With average conversion rates of 2.3%, it’s ………. Click. Click. Done.

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Effortless Delays

Offering easy delays lowers “too much product” churn and increases LTV.

Subscribers can choose to adjust their shipment date by time periods you suggest, or choose the exact date they’d like it to ship.

Enable Easy Delays
Short video of mobile view of someone delaying their subscription.
Short video of mobile view of someone creating a custom campaign within ARPU.

Custom Campaigns

Merchants can show different upsell products to different segments AND reward loyalty.

Campaigns can be set up to trigger in 2 ways:

  • Subscription item(s)
  • Renewal count

This means you can show subscribers upsell products based on what they already like, by how long they’ve been a loyal subscriber, OR BOTH.

Create Campaigns

Other cool stuff ARPU supports

  • Adding products to subscription
  • Swapping products / variants
  • Choosing to "ship now"
  • Syncing with Rebuy for upsell product recs
  • Notifications for prepaid subscriptions
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